The ABCs of Madelyn

After Jeff:

  • Actually: her favorite exclamation, learned from Letter Factory
  • Books: reads more ably every day
  • Cariboo: her favorite game
  • Dora: all day and all night
  • Furl: how to say “squirrel” if you haven’t mastered “sq” yet
  • Hot chocolate: a nice treat with breakfast
  • Ice cream: preferably from the Old Dairy
  • Jumping: cross-reference to “gymnastics”
  • Kitties and trains: two favorite YouTube subjects
  • Museum: a favorite place to visit
  • Naps: engaged only after intense resistance
  • Pants: optional most of the time
  • Quiet: very, very rare
  • Running: her natural state of propulsion
  • Stool: which she carries around and uses to find…
  • Trouble: about twelve times an hour
  • Underwear: far preferred to diapers, thankfully
  • Whamming: ten seconds after something doesn’t go well
  • Y: where she loves to swim
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  1. Z– again…after much resistance??? This was cute!

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