Yay, the new Apple desktops are out! Nice speed bumps and more bang for the buck across the iMac product line. The MacPro gets the biggest upgrade, moving to shiny new Nehalem quad-core processors, substantially larger hard drives, and lots of other new stuff.

Turns out those leaked photos of the Mac mini with five USB ports were legit. Nice speed bump on the CPUs there (1.8 to 2.0GHz), but the real difference is the far more powerful Nvidia video card and the bus (667 to 1066 MHz).

Note that Apple no longer ships the “combo drive” DVD-R/CD-RW in desktops, just the “SuperDrive” double layer DVD±RW. And it looks like they’ve reduced the premium for Apple branded memory. Smart.

Apple says all these machines are more green. That’s good. I’m glad to see green, green, green on the buyers guide, too. And we’ll be sending some of our green to Cupertino before too long.

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