On the road

Lately I’ve been traveling a lot: to San Francisco for CCCC 2009 (Mar 11-14); to Florida to visit family (Mar 16-20); to Chicago for Educause Midwest 2009 (Mar 23-25). And I’ve got more travel to come: a trip to Southern Illinois to do some hiking with my brother, his wife, and our girls, and two day trips to the Quad Cities for WIU business. A mix of planes, trains, and automobiles throughout.

Remarkably, only one issue with delays: the girls and I had to fly through Atlanta to get to Florida, and sure enough, the weather was bad and the airport was swamped. Who decided it would be wise to make Atlanta, the land of ice, rain, and thunder, the hub of air travel for the southeast? My guess is the same folks selling those $7.50 Bud Lights in the terminal. At least it was an airport-wide delay, so we didn’t miss our connection.

No complaints about the girls, either. They were both wonderful. Amelia smiled, cooed, and slept her way to and fro, and Madelyn was great, putting up with our repeated requests to be quiet, stay in line, sit still—that is, to be anything but the usual Madelyn. She earned lots of M&Ms. I’m looking forward to more trips with the girls.

More on each trip to follow (and this post updated with links), as I conference in Chicago and catch up on blogging and email.

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