Open source SIG at CCCC 2009

Notes and to-dos. Charlie Lowe and I talked before the conference about the SIG, specifically our lack of action in the past year. Blame it on time management, general busy-ness, and lack of critical mass. We kicked around a few ideas for fixing the problem, when I realized: why not just collapse the SIG into the IP Caucus, and encourage folks interested in open source/access/education to attend that instead? That would also allow those who wanted to attend other SIGs to do both.

The next day, we presented the idea to the group; they agreed. We came up with the following action items and coordinators (all corrections/updates welcome):

  • Crossposting all relevant items to CCCC-IP or Kairosnews (all)
  • Special issue of a journal (Lanette Cadle)
  • Blog carnival (Charlie Lowe)
  • Action table for IP caucus at CCCC 2010 (Dennis Jerz)
  • Getting open source into NCTE inbox (CCCC-IP)
  • Introduction to open source (Bradley Dilger)

Lanette is moving quickly on her end; she’s already lined up the journal special issue and will post the details soon, and is already carnivalizing. Good work.

So, the SIG is dead. Long live the IP caucus.

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