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Shrimp, roasted potatoes, and good veggies

The girls and I traveled to Florida for spring break (recent trip #2; Flickr set here) to visit my grandfather, uncle, and aunt. The visit became a real family affair when my parents joined us: they had to attend a funeral in Gainesville so they stretched the trip southward to see the girls. I’m glad they did. It was great to see my mom and dad with Amelia, and Madelyn was really happy to see them, too. And of course we got to eat some great seafood: shrimp, which we ate on our first night in Boynton Beach with Grandpa.

We stayed at the Little Pink Hut, a 50s-era home converted into a bed and breakfast. I was reminded of my grandfather’s old place: thick block walls, high ceilings, jalousie windows, a simple floor plan. We were quite pleased and will likely stay there again on our next trip to Boynton. It’s not the Four Seasons or a “pamper and silver” B&B. And that’s what we wanted: a quiet place where Madelyn could run around a bit and where we didn’t have to worry about other guests being annoyed by us (or waking the girls with a late night party). The hosts, Stephanie and Mike, were very nice and the room well-appointed. If the weather had been better (we had two days of solid rain) we would have been in the hot tub every night: Amelia loved it.

As usual, we tried to give Madelyn ample chances to blow off some steam. We visited the Schoolhouse Children’s Museum several times, learning that it’s an old elementary school–in fact, my uncle attended fifth grade there in 1959. The playground behind the place is awesome, one of many wonderful playgrounds in Boynton. Inside, my parents snapped up a book about old Lake Worth which included pictures of quite a few long-gone relatives–my great-grandfather, his brother, my great-grandmother, my grandfather–and many other schools my parents attended. My dad pointed out a shot of an theatre and told me he used to hitch-hike there with friends to watch Saturday matinees. Hitchhiking! My father? I’m amazed and delighted.

On our last day, we made it to the beach. Madelyn was thrilled, chasing the waves, digging in the sand, and going cuckoo for a full hour. We didn’t begrudge the rain, given that it’s sorely needed, but given her near-constant smiles and laughter it’s too bad we couldn’t get her there more often. Next time.

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