Six oh six

Six oh six: one summer day. Most times reasonably accurate.

5:50am: Get up and say good-bye to my parents, who are finishing a five-day visit. Make coffee. Medicate cat.

6:40am: Drive to Good Hope for 5K race.

7:00am: Race begins. 65 entrants. I am the second to last registrant.

7:22:17am: I finish (7:11/mi). First half-mile too fast. I am the second across the line.

7:35am: Plan carpools for a race next week.

8:02am: Leaving Good Hope, NPR is playing Weekend Edition Saturday, which I haven’t listened to in years.

8:20am: Help Erin get Madelyn ready for farmers market. Coffee. Finish Madelyn’s poached egg.

8:55am: Shower while Amelia watches. Head out to farmers market on bike: but rain. Abandon bike for Subaru.

9:20am: Roll into farmers market. Check out the FIG childrens’ tent, where Erin, Madelyn, and others are set up. Buy bread, tomatoes, and a trinket for Madelyn. Ask a couple vendors what they’ll have the next week. Watch dismantling of facade on arts center.

10:20am: Rain picks up. Vendors begin to leave. We do too, after buying a gift.

11:40am: Return to the house. Amelia goes down for a nap. Madelyn asks to watch a video. Crop, tag, sort, and upload pictures to Flickr. Erin goes to the store.

1:10pm: Play Dora bingo with Madelyn. She wins. Twice.

3:00pm: Triangle drill soccer, since only three showed up. No cleats, so all of us fall constantly.

4:05pm: After an hour, I’m worn out. Time for a slow bike ride home.

4:25pm: Drink water and beer on the back patio. Erin cleans strawberries for jam-making. We talk about sabbatical. Amelia hangs out in her bouncy thing. Madelyn orbits the picnic table, usual spaz mode.

5:20pm: Pick strawberries with the girls.

6:20pm: Duck inside and upload more pix to Flickr.

7:10pm: Finish strawberry picking. Madelyn dumps berries over her head. Deal with three-year-old meltdown.

7:20pm: Talk to the parents: their 12+ hour drive is over.

7:50pm: Erin heads to a friends’ house to feed their cat. Help Madelyn with bath, then get in with her. Hand off Madelyn to Erin when she returns.

8:40pm: Cut greens while it’s still twilight.

8:50pm: Pluck a fussy Amelia from bed and try to get her back to sleep. Fail. Cuddle her until Erin is done putting Madelyn to bed.

9:35pm: Make gigantic salad. Eat a bunch of leftover barbeque.

10:10pm: Check WIU web site and find that BOT “approved tenure for 29 faculty.” Assume that’s me. Woo tenure. Post something on The Book.

11:01pm: Press Publish on this post. Then water and sweet, sweet sleep.

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4 Responses to Six oh six

  1. Dan says:

    Wouldn’t want to jinx or jump ahead of anything, but assuming your reference to tenure applies and holds, many many congratulations.

  2. cbd says:

    Thanks, Dan. Got the letter from the president already; just waiting on the trustees to approve it. I forgot the link to the (minimally informative) press release.

  3. woohoo, congrats to you and also your officemate!, as well as Dr. Kelsey!!!

  4. Sorry for the funky hello…I was looking at the kids, and didn’t realize that was you until you said hello, what with the lack of hair these days.

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