Coffee ice cream

Coffee ice cream

This is Jeff’s recipe, not mine. It is very, very good. My comments in parentheses.

3/4c sugar
2c heavy cream, divided
1c milk
1c coffee beans
5 egg yolks
Vanilla bean

In a saucepan gently warm the sugar, milk, and 1c cream.

Crack the coffee beans. Don’t grind them all the way. (I used a mortar and pestle and decaf beans. Madelyn doesn’t need to be louder than she already is.)

Turn off the heat. Add the coffee beans to the saucepan and scrape the vanilla bean in there too. Throw the vanilla bean shell in the mix after it is scraped. (I skipped the vanilla. I wanted just coffee.)

Let the beans steep for 1-3 hours. (I did 3.)

Then reheat the mixture, beans and all, and temper in five egg yolks that have been whisked in a bowl. When the mixture coats the back of a spoon, strain it all into another cup of heavy cream that is in a big bowl. A good sieve will help so that you get all the beans out. (I strained out the beans before adding the eggs.)

Chill. Then in the machine.

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