YouTube: not so fast, cbdilger!

YouTube recently emailed me about a partnership program which promised to “monetize” a video. I decided to take the plunge. But I didn’t get far, because about half the required “tutorial” for sharing was copyright warnings like this one:

It’s NOT OK to use someone else’s material even if you…

  • edit together or “mash-up” other works.
  • alter it by 10%, 20%, 30%, etc.
  • only use 30 seconds of a song or video clip.
  • found it on the internet.
  • nobody sent you a copyright notice.
  • paid for it.
  • give proper attribution (credits).
  • are only singing the words of a favorite copyrighted song.

This is copyright infringement and your video will be deleted!

Not much of a surprise here. I give credit to YouTube for trying to convince over-eager copyright holders that they don’t have to nuke every video users post which contains their content. Their ContentID program allows tracking or claiming for ad revenue content like the Chris Brown wedding dance video. But I’m afraid that happy ending is, unfortunately, the exception not the rule, and this partnership program is more about putting Meow Mix ads on top of barfing cats. Unless I’m misreading something, “partner” doesn’t apply to anyone remixing content, and my guess is if that cat video has commercial music in the background, it’s not gonna be eligible for shared revenue.

And I thought I had that new roof all paid for…

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