Odds and ends Sunday

Time for a roundup….

Pumpkins in a tree!

We have two pumpkins growing in a tree! (Closeup here.) About four vines volunteered from the compost pile, this year, and we let them grow. We got a volunteer butternut squash, a gourd, and several pumpkin vines. I hope they are sweet pumpkins: we have a bunch ripe and more green. On the other hand, our tomatoes are pretty much done–a little earlier than we expected–though our chard and kale are humming along nicely. It was a strange year for kitchen gardening.

Yesterday morning Erin and I ran the Tevar 5K, a benefit for a local breast cancer charity. I pushed the girls in the double stroller. Erin wanted to run under 10:00 pace; we got done in 30:45, or 9:54/mi. It was nice to run as a family. I was very pleased by the turnout. A few years ago, I ran the race and almost nobody was there. It was much better organized this time. About 150 runners and some walkers and bikers too.

After the race, we walked across the square to the farmers’ market. The growing season is winding down, but the Amish vendor we really like had beautiful stuff, as usual: sweet potatoes, carrots, peppers, green beans, and pumpkins. And the local meat vendor is selling pork now. Last night was the potluck at our CSA. Amazing food there, too, and fall greens are in full swing. We’ll keep eating veggies like crazy the next month or so.

Yesterday: rainy, breezy, cold. Today: sunny, cool, crisp. Yep, it’s fall.

Smily stander

Amelia really wants to stand up and walk. She’s pulling herself up on everything that will allow it: furniture, my legs, toys, the refrigerator, her sister (much to Madelyn’s chagrin). Even though she didn’t crawl until a few months after Madelyn, I won’t be surprised to see Amelia walking at about the same time (one year). And she’s really trying to talk, too, babbling like crazy and gesturing a lot too.

This summer I made the decision to avoid over-preparing for Fall courses. I’m afraid I overdid this, and ended up under-preparing. (Over not over is under. Right?) While I’m not behind, and things are going well in my classes, I’m not as far ahead of the game as I like to be. And my book order went in even later than usual. So this week, when book order information landed in my mailbox, I set aside some time to get Spring class preparation off the ground. I completed book orders for all three classes. And I plan to recycle heavily from previous preps.

I finished my application for sabbatical leave Friday: I’m asking for leave all of AY2010-11. The word is most, if not all, requests for one year leave are approved. I hope so. Erin and I have been saving diligently, and we’re starting to firm up our travel plans. On the research front, I plan to keep working on my current projects: (1) standards for improvement of English studies web sites, boosting my programming skills and knowledge of metadata as needed; and (2) converting some conference presentations into articles. I also hope to (3) return to the ease book project.

Today: grading, hanging out with the girls, reading. And it’s a good day to make a pot of soup.

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