Dead delicious

Delicious is having database issues. Here’s one of the symptoms:

Dead Delicious

For the record, I don’t think I forgot my password; I think it was zorched by the database issues.

I hope this gets fixed soon; I have a new issue of Composition Forum to index…

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2 Responses to Dead delicious

  1. Chuck says:

    Brad – I pretty much bailed on Delicious for a personal bookmark inventory. Still use it once in a while for random public stuff.
    However, I went and got an Evernote premium account that’s totally rocking my schizophrenic world. It has bunches of input streams and goodliness on the other end to organize and regurgitate. Scan handwritten notes and save as jpg and EN will try its best OCR impression on them. Works for pics too so you can send a pic from your phone, say, of a book you need to remember. EN will scan the text in the photo. Pretty cool.
    Finally, their API kicks apps.

  2. cbd says:

    I’ve needed to reboot my note-taking and reference tracking for years. In graduate school I made the habit of using text files for notes; I picked up Delicious after that, and sort of bypassed other very viable and useful options like CiteULike and Zotero. Hopefully during sabbatical I can make new habits. I’ll give Evernote a hard look.

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