The Mac is dead. Long live the Mac! After five years and too many repairs, our G5 died again. We replaced it with a Mini. Smooth migration, as usual: I moved the hard drive from our G5 to an external enclosure, and when I fired up the Mini for the first time, it saw the hard drive and asked, “Hey, want me to handle this?” Yes, I do, thanks. Applications, settings, and users all migrated, just like that.

FWIW, we went for the top end: 2.66GHz processor, 4GB memory, 640GB hard drive. About $1100 including AppleCare. Cupertino gets the G5 back, unless I can think of something cool to do with this big huge aluminum case.

Now we need to get around to paring down that gigantic iPhoto library…

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  1. I thought macs didn’t die, not even the old ones!

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