Rainy run

Today I went to Carthage with the girls to run the Strawberry Strut, a five mile race. As we drove into Carthage, it started to rain. But the storm moved quickly, and the race began just 15 minutes late. It was extremely humid (100%, for sure), but not too hot: 77° and overcast.

I planned to treat the Strut as a tempo run, targeting 8:00/mi for the first three miles, and finishing faster if I felt good. But faster wasn’t possible. After a mile, I was soaked with sweat, and the blacktop was a little slippery. As I passed the halfway point, the course went into a park with some hills, and I began to pass other runners. I kept my 8:00 pace for the most part, though I braked quite a bit going downhill. I finished at 40:32 (8:06/mi). Technically, I ran a fine race, never being passed, and only 0:20 slower the second half, despite the hills. And I felt great afterward.

This week I also got in a 10 mile run, my longest run of the year (1:36, or 9:36/mi). I ran slow on purpose, but I’ll admit the last few miles were tough. I struggled to eat a Clif bar and didn’t drink enough water either, and the rest of the day I felt tired. Hopefully my long run form will return soon–it better, since FIRST training charges on.

I’m not happy to be short on long runs this year, but I’ve been running and biking regularly. This week I exercised every day, logging 20 miles running, 45 biking, and 0.6 in the pool, too. Maybe next week will see this streak continue.

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2 Responses to Rainy run

  1. Alison says:

    Oh wow, you ran the Strawberry Strut! The hills around the Carthage Lake could not be fun in all that humidity… Congrats on sticking with it. The big question is, did you beat Lyndon Blair (a Carthage runner who has probably run every “Strut” for 20-30 years)?

  2. cbd says:

    Ha, I don’t know, and results aren’t posted yet. I finished 24th or 25th — can’t remember which. And we didn’t stick around for the awards. We hit the playground, then left around 10:30, with walkers still on the course.

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