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Portland: as a list

My trip to Portland, list style: travel, breaktime, beer, and food. Continue reading

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Odds and ends WPA

A summary of WPA 2010 in Philadelphia: good sessions, my talk went well, and good beer with Jeff. Continue reading

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Tag A tag cloud

Tag cloud for From A to <A>, my edited collection from Minnesota Continue reading

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Slow numbers

My department’s general education enrollment continues to decline. We need to diversify our Continue reading

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Got this error message from Yahoo yesterday: “Something seems to be wrong. [Click] Ok.” Continue reading

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Work pays, I guess

An unexpected check arrives in the mail: an $800 tax credit. Continue reading

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Using tcpdump: tcpdump -A -i en1 -s0 Continue reading

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Madelyn’s computer time

Madelyn’s computer time is increasing, in part because she’s about to get her own computer. We’re using the parental controls in Mac OS X to keep her from using the computer too much. Continue reading

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When copyright goons attack

ASCAP and NAMP go after Creative Commons, EFF, and Public Knowledge. Good responses from Mike Masnick and Gigi Sohn. Continue reading

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