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Lucid Lynx

Installing and using the new (to me) version of Ubuntu Linux, 10.04, “Lucid Lynx.” Fast and solid. Continue reading

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Odds and ends schoooltime

A roundup as the semester gets underway: another failed chair search (sigh), being on sabbatical, Amelia joins Madelyn at day care, our porch work is almost done, and a new restaurant. Continue reading

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More on slow numbers

The growing importance of community colleges may be affecting writing program enrollments nationwide. Adopting Agile development methods to writing programs, given structural changes in higher education and acceleration of the rate of change itself, provides a way to respond to these and other changes. Continue reading

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New WIU website

An xkcd strip about university web sites provides an opportunity for me to consider Western’s redesign. The new WIU web site is much improved, but still needs work. In particular, adoption of conventions radically different from the norm raises questions about usability. Continue reading

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Two NYT articles on overparenting, nicely timed for the first weeks of school. Kindergarteners and first year students have a lot in common, and parents who obsess with the way they rank or rate aren’t doing them any favors. Continue reading

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Erin and I said good-bye to Lumper yesterday. Continue reading

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Two conversations

Two conversations, one with each daughter. Continue reading

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Working on our porches: cleaning, painting, making some repairs. Continue reading

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Four times four

CARLI goes to a four-week term for book borrowing. Yuck. Continue reading

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