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Facebook click-jacking

New web/email nastiness: Facebook click-jacking or like-jacking. Continue reading

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Taking notes

Note taking, which I value highly, comes in quite low in the WIDE “Revisualizing Composition” surveys. It’s time for me to revive it pedagogically. Continue reading

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Running slowdown

Some pain in my arches, my first injury in two years, slows my running way down. Continue reading

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Sandra Jamieson and The Citation Project

Sandra Jamieson recently visited Western to share the work of The Citation Project, an ambitious research project focusing on students’ citation habits. Her talk addressed plagiarism policies and standards, students’ reactions to them, and implications for writing-intensive courses. Continue reading

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That’s true for all software

I’m tired of the obligatory “free ain’t free” paragraph included in every article about free or open source software. So here’s one for the pay-for-it kind. Continue reading

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Bike upgrades all around

Bike upgrades abound! We got a second trailer arm for our Chariots, a used bike for Madelyn, and upgrades to make my Specialized hybrid a better commuter/cargo bike. And I finally got a road bike, a Trek 1.5T. Continue reading

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Typology of English studies web sites

Building a typology of web sites in English studies, to help consider a research project to evaluate the overall quality of the field’s web presence. Continue reading

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Fred Sanford on applejack Continue reading

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