Five and two

October 27, which means our girls are five and two!

5 and 2 -- Birthday Girls

Amelia got the rails taken off her crib tonight–she has a big girl bed now! (But would still rather be in bed with her mama or daddy . . . she is a cuddle bunny, that Amelia.)

Madelyn concluded her birthday by (a) peeing on the floor; (b) taking a 45 minute bath; (c) freaking out for her aunt Erica¬†and uncle Curtis on Gmail chat (after they sang Happy Birthday quite nicely); (d) doing somersaults off the couch; (e) quietly reading her illustrated bible for 20 minutes; (f) reading books with her mom; (g) typing “5 FIVE!” on her dad’s computer; (h) falling asleep 0.02 seconds after her head the pillow.

Now my turn for that last one.

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