Moving indoors

Last week I went to the Macomb Road Runners holiday party. One of the topics of conversation: not falling off the exercise wagon in the wintertime. Buying the right gear helps, of course: synthetic base layers, liner gloves, good socks, etc. We talked about wearing black when it is sunny, running at the warmest time of day, and warming up indoors before heading out. While I’ve done all that, I often give up on the outdoors and move inside. On the one hand, I prefer being on the road, and I think it’s better for my feet and legs than the Y track. Thirteen laps for a mile, and dodging everyone else on the track, means a lot of weaving in and out. On the other hand, when outside, I almost never get the combination of clothes right: I always end up cold in some places, and hot in others. And I’ve fallen more than I care to say.

This year I’ve used my bike trainer more and more. I don’t have to worry about who’s watching the girls, and it’s easier to squeeze in a workout if I have less than an hour. And I never have to put up with someone else’s favorite television show.¬†With our day care closed until mid January, and plenty of college football to watch, my CycleOps will get a lot of use in the next month. Now if we could get one of these lap pool/hot tub combinations to put in the basement, I’d be all set!

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2 Responses to Moving indoors

  1. To the extent that I “run,” it is almost always at the track at the gym I go to, even when the weather is nice outside. I’m a weather baby. What I do find interesting is that since I took up “running” (which you and most real runners would describe as “not walking fast, I guess”) is the extent to which it is difficult to go from running on a track or outside to running on a treadmill. Completely different exercise, almost feels like working different muscles. And the treadmill is a lot harder for me.

    • cbd says:

      Yeah, I’m not a fan of treadmills, either. I have a hard time getting my cadence right. I use them only if there’s no other alternative.

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