Exercise index 2010

124 runs, 3d 15h 22m, 540.9 mi
97 bikes, 2d 22h 41m, 1,159.6 mi
26 swims, 22h 01m, 24.4 mi

total 231 workouts,  7d 10h 04m, 1,724.9 mi

Several substantial changes from last year:

  • More balance–number of runs matched number of bikes and swims
  • 38 more workouts (193) and 440 more miles (1,284.5)
  • Only two weeks with less than three workouts (when I was sick around CCCC)
  • 25 weeks with five or more workouts

In particular, I’m happy about the two year trend: up 64 workouts and 800 miles. My Trek and bike trainer make all the difference here.

The only strong negative: foot problems which kept my runs short. My longest run was 10 miles, and I ran longer than six miles only 12 times. My goals for 2011 are simply stated: don’t get injured, and start actually doing triathlons. More on that last one soon.

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