Bookmarking unsettled

Since December’s Delicious is/not going away news, I’ve set up accounts in Diigo and Pinboard, though I’ve kept using Delicious for day-to-day saving of bookmarks. (Old habits.)┬áBut now that Delicious has made evil over-Ajaxed entry of bookmarks the only way to add and edit, I’m ready to bail. (Requiring JavaScript for security reasons? Please.) For Composition Forum, in particular, I like to select tags from the existing lists, and that’s much more difficult now. Not to mention that the completion interface is unpredictable; tag completion works erratically, and frequently the “a” key erases all tags I’ve already entered.

Diigo? I like the look of the interface, and the social aspect looks extremely promising, groups in particular. But import from Delicious is broken; only the first 255 characters of notes come through. Since I use notes extensively (especially for CF) that’s a show-stopper. And Diigo seems equally focused on user tasks other than entry of bookmarks. The rapid addition of features might be cool; it’s certainly preferable to Delicious’s model, near-complete neglect, though I worry about bloat. I guess I’m unusual in spending a fair amount of time tagging and annotating entries, rather than just clicking “Add” and taking whatever tags are recommended.

So, back to a little more experimentation, the proverbial drawing board. Which may end up being Pinboard. If it wasn’t for their “anti-social bookmarking” ethos, I’d have made the move already.

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3 Responses to Bookmarking unsettled

  1. jeff says:

    Hmmm. Diigo imported all of my Delicious without any problem. Email to help?

  2. michelleIL says:

    Good to see you blogging again…I haven’t been reading too much other than for class.

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