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On Memorial Day, I think of my grandfather and Erin’s. Both served in the US Army Air Corps. Thank you, Els and George. Continue reading

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Illinois beyond Illinois

Places in Illinois which aren’t in Illinois Continue reading

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Odds and ends Friday

Dilger-Easterling happenings for the end of May: catching up after C&W, Amazon bump for the collection, grandparents’ visits, travel plans, and more. Continue reading

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Our blogging roundtable

Summary of “Is Blogging Dead?”, a great roundtable I was part of at C&W2011. Short talks, long conversations. Continue reading

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From A to <A> gets C&C book award

From A to <A> gets the Computers and Composition Distinguished Book Award. Continue reading

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Blogging isn’t dead, but blog commenting is

My second talk for C&W 2011, for the roundtable “Is Blogging Dead?” on Saturday morning. Summary: blog commenting is in a bad way because of trolling (for large blogs) and social media’s tendency to fracture communities (for small ones). Continue reading

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More code please, we’re geeks

For the first C&W 2011 town hall (Friday morning), I’m giving a short talk “More code please, we’re geeks.” Summary: we shouldn’t shy away from code; here’s a framework for engaging it. Continue reading

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