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Odds and ends crutchtime

Odds and ends as I get used to crutches after surgery: helpful friends, colleagues, students and family; adaptions for crutches; the girls’ birthday party; transfer research update. Continue reading

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Three and six

Madelyn and Amelia are three and six! Continue reading

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Amazon error

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Infographics, tables, and spring teaching

Preparing for a Spring 2012 class in visualization: what texts to use? Preparation for opening week activities which look at a few graphics and discuss their strong and weak points in detail. With all the bad infographics out there, starting out right will be important. Continue reading

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Transfer research design

I mentioned the transfer research project Neil Baird and I have started when I discussed my sabbatical retooling, but I haven’t written much about it here; just a brief outline long ago when I discussed my application to the Dartmouth … Continue reading

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Sell me your blog!

A Facebook ad thinks I’m neglecting my blog: “1,000s of blog buyers online now!”
Continue reading

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Achilles surgery

My ruptured achilles tendon was repaired on Thu 10/20 by Drake White and the surgical team at MDH. Now the recovery begins. I’m grateful to everyone who has sent good wishes. Continue reading

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Fast into secondary

Brewing update. Last Saturday, Chris and I washed bottles, readied more for washing, and moved beer around. Everything we made has fairly flown into secondary fermentation. We’ve got a lot of bottling to do! (Thank goodness for my brewing partner. … Continue reading

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Bad news: I ruptured my left achilles tendon. Continue reading

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US states, diagrammed

Reimagining a map of the US states as a diagram Continue reading

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