My left achilles tendon ruptured today. About 30 minutes into a pickup football game, I started out from the line of scrimmage, then “pop”–down I went. No contact, though that’s what I thought happened; it felt like someone kicked me in the shin. Other friends playing took me to the ER and wrangled the girls as I got the bad news. (Thank you, John, Tom, Vajo, Barclay, and Rizwan.)

I went through exercise logs tonight. In March 2008 I had some tightness and soreness in this achilles after a bad step down basement stairs. In response, I cut out running for a month, then worked my way back into running slowly. In fact, that incident led me to change my whole approach to exercise, shifting from running four or five times a week to a mix of biking, running, and sometimes swimming. I haven’t had any symptoms since then. So this comes as a surprise, to say the least. Sure, I’ve had some foot problems in the past year, and tweaked my knee in January. But no sign of achilles problems.

Surgery and rehab to follow.

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5 Responses to Achilles

  1. Brendan says:

    How awful! Here’s hoping for a steady, solid recovery.

  2. Derek says:

    Sorry to hear it. Good luck with recovery.

  3. cbd says:

    Thank you, gentlemen.

  4. Dan says:

    Add my well wishes to others for the recovery. I’m still intimidated by your awesome trainingness–not only the workouts, but logs from 2008. Wow. Good luck with the rehab.

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