Fast into secondary

Brewing update. Last Saturday, Chris and I washed bottles, readied more for washing, and moved beer around. Everything we made has fairly flown into secondary fermentation. We’ve got a lot of bottling to do! (Thank goodness for my brewing partner. No way I could do that with a busted Achilles…)

Four brews in October 2011

I’ll describe each left to right. I was thrilled to see the cider come out at 0.998–lighter than water! And not even a week later. Wow. Not much sugar left in that one, and it’s still bubbling a bit. I was planning for a long secondary fermentation. I guess not!

The British-yeast-blonde (from a group club brew, with Safale S04) tastes great but fits no style. Like a bitter, but with Cascade aroma and flavor. At 1.012 after being racked Saturday, clearing nicely and ready to bottle!

The honey+wit is the same base beer as the blonde, with honey added, and using a belgian wit yeast (still don’t know which one–gotta ask). Measured at 1.012–again, lower than I expected, with honey really coming through but the signature fruity wit taste as well. It’s still chugging along.

The milk stout (also on S04) is very good: not as malty and big as the last one, since we left out the oatmeal, but a little more chocolate and hops come through. When carbonated, it will be great.

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  1. cbd says:

    British-yeast-blonde and milk stout into bottles 10/22.

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