New cast, boot to follow

Bradley's new castYesterday, two weeks after achilles tendon repair, I visited my surgeon to have my staples removed, then get a new cast and a checkup. Dr. White’s nurse cut off the old cast and removed my staples first. The incision was about five inches long, on the inside of my ankle, with the skin bunched up by the staples. (Very funky looking. I wish I’d had a camera.) I was surprised there were so many staples–about 30–and relieved that removing then was only slightly painful. The new cast Dr. White put on (at right) is much smaller and lighter than the old one, which makes everything much easier. Showering and dressing today was a cinch compared to wielding that 8-10 pounder. It’s also harder, so I feel more confident about getting around on campus. I crutched to the Union today to get a sandwich and coffee, and I’m going back this afternoon for a meeting. Nice. It is a bit tighter, at least for now, so I’m making an effort to keep my foot up more than I was in the past week.

Dr. White was pleased with the healing of my incision and the lack of swelling in my foot and ankle. He was glad to hear I’d been off the pain medication since Friday 10/28, and said my healing process looks on track. I went over my recollection of the surgery and post-op with him, and it turns out I wasn’t as loopy as I thought; what I remembered was accurate. I asked if I could switch to a VACOcast achilles boot the next time my cast needed to be replaced, so I could resume swimming. Dr. White agreed, and said he’d be happy for me to start the rehab, carefully, at that time. In fact, he suggested making the switch four weeks from now, or six weeks after the surgery. So December 1, I’ll be able to get back in the pool and do some one-legged biking on a recumbent at the Y. That will be great. And maybe a few weeks after that, I can take the next step towards that 5K.

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