Goodbye, Delicious

I’ve tried to hang on, but it’s time. Delicious is having server problems again. They’ve changed bookmarking behavior in troubling ways: I can barely enter bookmarks, whether it’s with browser extensions or bookmarklets. The interfaces try so hard to accommodate and predict, they are unusable. I find myself trying to tag pages but ending up with incomplete entries–and then redirected to my Delicious page, not to the site I was reading. Worse, changing from space- to comma-delimited bookmarks with little or no warning was heinous. As I’ve saved bookmarks lately, I’ve noticed Delicious autofilling tags clearly from users behaving the old way: “social media web finance” not “social, media, web, finance”. See Erin’s bookmarks for an example. Making wholesale changes like this, and adding questionably useful features like “stacks”, is not the way forward. And as Derek commented when rumors of transition first emerged last year, the network I used to enjoy at Delicious has long been crippled by Yahoo’s botched exit.

So, after six plus years and 3,085 links, to Diigo, I go. It’s sad to see something once so promising fall to bloat and bad design.

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  1. Traci says:

    Thanks for nudging me to get my stuff migrated.

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