Exercise index 2011

Last year I hoped 2011 would be injury free, and that I’d start running longer distances again as part of actually doing¬†triathlons.¬†Obviously, that didn’t happen, between my plica injury (caused by whacking my knee during a home repair project) and my ruptured Achilles. Regardless:

76 runs, 316 mi
68 bikes, 705 mi
21 swims, 18.6 mi

Total 165 workouts,¬†1,040 miles. That’s 66 fewer workouts and 685 miles less than last year–closer to my 2008 numbers.

Two goals for this year:

  1. Rehab my Achilles. My next appointment with Dr. White is January 11, and we’ll find out what our next steps are. Right now, I’m working on flexibility, carefully stretching my repaired tendon, as well as my foot, ankle, and toes, and keeping up massage to avoid a repeat of last week’s cramp.
  2. Build my upper body and core strength. With pushups and swimming, I’m already working on that, and it’s easy to see the difference in my arms, back, shoulders, and chest. That’s part of a larger goal, necessary for rehab, of better strength and flexibility overall.
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