Fetterman crutch tips

Just before Christmas I ordered a set of Tornado Solid Body Rain Crutch Tips from Thomas Fetterman. They came in the mail today. Holy moley, I wish I’d known about these weeks ago. They are slightly larger than standard tips, with a thick, flexible, scored bottom. The tips flex as the crutches rotate, keeping a LOT more surface area on the floor at any time. Hopefully that and the anti-slip surface will result in fewer falls and slipping ¬†(a problem for me since this whole mess started).¬†With these tips, my crutches feel much more secure.

And though it sure doesn’t look like winter outside, I also ordered up a set of the ice grips which go with the Tornado tips. Again, well designed; they slip over the tips, then are easily pulled down into place when needed.

Crutch tips & ice grips

Anybody who is gonna be on crutches longer than a week should check out what Fetterman has to offer–much better than standard issue!

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