Go on PT

Great news about my Achilles from my doctor today. My tendon repair feels strong and my range of motion is good. That means I got the set of green lights I’ve been awaiting:

  • I can start physical therapy. I’ll be contacting them tomorrow (barring expected mini-snowpocalypse) to learn what’s involved.
  • I’m ready to start weaning myself from the boot, and putting weight on my left leg more consistently. I began that process before I left Dr. White’s office, by adjusting the angle of my boot from -22° to 0° so I can more easily stand–my toes don’t need to be pointed down any more. No more need to wear the boot at night, either.
  • When I swim, I can kick and use a belt to do water jogging.
  • I got the OK to drive, but it won’t work until the boot is gone–both our cars are stick-shift, and I can’t press the clutch hard enough yet. (I tried tonight. Couldn’t start either one with my left foot.)

As you might imagine, this is all fantastic news to me. I’m eager to get started with PT and closer to leaving my crutches behind. But slow and careful is still the MO. For example, next time I swim, after warmup, I’ll try easy kicking every other lap. I’m going to double-wrap my repaired leg for bed. And I’m not planning to walk in X weeks; I’ll let my physical therapist help me develop a schedule for that–if that’s even possible. I thought about trying some crutch-assisted walking tonight, but chickened out. No matter. All in good time.

For the record, it’s been 87 days since this all started.

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4 Responses to Go on PT

  1. Rizwan says:

    Great News! I guess the snowpacalypse will set you back a whole day 🙂
    I say we should start some premature celebration – drink beer and watch some football this weekend. Will call with details.

  2. JL-W says:

    This is terrific! I will miss the noise of your hall walking–but not in a bad way.

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