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Goodbye 2008

Let’s review: Jan 5: Madelyn starts the Big Girl sleep plan. I’m happy to say this continues; the Bee is pretty easy to put to bed now. Feb 21: I get an awful flu bug, missing classes and losing eight … Continue reading

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Powerless to grade

Using Google Docs for managing student work is great. Except when the power goes out. We had a pretty bad ice storm last Thu PM/Friday AM. Besides ice raining down on the house all night, the snapping tree limbs and … Continue reading

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Fair use best practices

The Center for Social Media releases best practices for fair use in media literacy education: a strong document with few problems. Continue reading

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Graduate work

News about our graduate program: new curriculum, colloquium, 500 Continue reading

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Grading foursomes

I began the semester with 36 students in two courses. Grades go in today. Look at all the fours! Unfortunately, WIU doesn’t have plus/minus grading, or I would have assigned five B+ and two C+ grades. A: 4 B: 11 … Continue reading

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Updating our graduate program

Our graduate committee recently finished the paperwork for a comprehensive revision of our graduate program. “Update” is an understatement. The old curriculum was state of the art around 1970. Maybe 1870. Coursework covered three areas: British Literature, British Literature, and … Continue reading

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Odds and ends Sunday

The Easterling-Dilger household is bustlin’ these days, so bloggin’ sometimes has to take a back seat. I’m very, very glad to say I’m reading a fair amount these days. I’m halfway through a second reading of Tufte’s Beautiful Evidence, which … Continue reading

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Some very strong projects this year in both the Style course and Computers & Writing: Nascent standup comedian Ryan Budds created a site to promote himself, nicely integrating Flickr, Google Calendar, YouTube, and traditional web pages. Lora Carmichael wrote a … Continue reading

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Grading and the open end

I just posted my second final exam via weblog, and now I’m listening to the pleasant sound of twenty-six hands typing furiously. I wish it was in OpenOffice format, but we only have Borg Office in our computer classrooms. Some … Continue reading

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Style and standards

About my Fall courses: ENG 480, Computers & Writing, and ENG 481, Style Continue reading

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