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Nielsen on kids (and summarized too)

In “Children’s Websites: Usability Issues in Designing for Kids,” Jakob Nielsen compares web usability for children and adults, finding some interesting differences, particularly in repeated tasks and revealing personal info. Bonus: the report is also a quick summary of Nielsen’s work as a whole. Continue reading

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For Macomb parents

Macomb parents: Discovery Day Camp and the Kiwanis playground drive for Chandler Park Continue reading

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Three, early

Last Saturday we celebrated Madelyn’s third birthday a little early, to ensure no conflicts with the impending birth day of grrl#2. Here’s a video of us singing Happy Birthday, followed by the distribution of the cupcakes. (Thanks to Scott for … Continue reading

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October girls

Baby girl #2 is on the way Continue reading

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XO first impressions

Madelyn’s XO arrived tonight. On the one hand, awful timing; I have grading to do, and I wanna play with this new laptop! On the other hand, we’ll get to take it on our upcoming trip, which rocks. I’ve only … Continue reading

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