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Using the readymade web

My CCCC presentation is short enough to share here in slightly edited form; it’s a written-out-talk intended to precede a roundtable, so it may read a little breezily. Here’s a summary:

Readymades have re-emerged on the web, displacing the “web site” with the “web presence,” in the templates and skins of much web-based software, and also in the workaday of social networks. Three patterns dominate use: collection, juxtaposition, and combination. For theories of use and usability, there are four implications:

1. Finding a single, clearly defined, easily anticipated use, as suggested by many usability practicioners, becomes more challenging;
2. We can’t always assume users are interested and motivated;
3. The nuts and bolts of use need even more attention;
4. Readymades themselves are rare; the new readymade is designed for customization and individualized use (whether or not that is realized). Continue reading

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