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Infographics, tables, and spring teaching

Preparing for a Spring 2012 class in visualization: what texts to use? Preparation for opening week activities which look at a few graphics and discuss their strong and weak points in detail. With all the bad infographics out there, starting out right will be important. Continue reading

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US states, diagrammed

Reimagining a map of the US states as a diagram Continue reading

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Movie bar codes

Movies as bar codes, and to fit on floppies Continue reading

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Visualizing From A to [A]

Visualizing From A to [A] with a word cloud made from the index Continue reading

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Tag A tag cloud

Tag cloud for From A to <A>, my edited collection from Minnesota Continue reading

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Conference week

My calendar from last week. Student conferences in the house! Continue reading

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Girls compared

A visual comparison: Madelyn and Amelia. Continue reading

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Missing football

ESPN has a poll with visualization of results via Flash: who misses football across the US. Not surprisingly, the South looms large in wishing Saturdays could be spent in front of the TV again. Me? Sure, I’d like to be … Continue reading

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Sparkly Flickr

Flickr rolled out a new home design which integrates statistics more heavily, including sparklines of recent activity. Thanks to Amelia, Erin has a spiky sparkline: Pretty cool. Unfortunately, besides a larger version on the main stats page, that seems to … Continue reading

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Beer & evidence

I recently traveled to Chicago for excellent beer and a course by Edward Tufte. Continue reading

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