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Dartmouth Seminar

Summary of the Dartmouth Seminar for Composition Research in August 2011: an important step in my retooling as an empirical researcher. Continue reading

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Reading job applications

Reading job applications: most HR managers take less than a minute, leading me to think about the way job application assignments work in my technical communication course. Continue reading

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Three errors

Three error messages (1 effective, 2 not so much) from WIU’s new security push Continue reading

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Transfer research design

I mentioned the transfer research project Neil Baird and I have started when I discussed my sabbatical retooling, but I haven’t written much about it here; just a brief outline long ago when I discussed my application to the Dartmouth … Continue reading

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Sabbatical report: retooling

Sabbatical report: retooling to add empirical research methods to my scholarly toolbox, through reading, a collaborative project, and the Dartmouth seminar. Continue reading

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Focus, focus

Sixteen weeks left in my sabbatical, so I’ve got my head down, getting things done. Continue reading

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Picking it up

I find it hard to believe it’s almost March. We got off to a rough start in 2011: my knee injury, my grandfathers’ death, the girls sick the first week of preschool, then again, missing a whole week the second … Continue reading

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Studying transfer

With two other WIU faculty, I’m starting a research project targeting transfer of writing skills and knowledge, focusing on locally relevant populations. Continue reading

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Sandra Jamieson and The Citation Project

Sandra Jamieson recently visited Western to share the work of The Citation Project, an ambitious research project focusing on students’ citation habits. Her talk addressed plagiarism policies and standards, students’ reactions to them, and implications for writing-intensive courses. Continue reading

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Thesis thesis

Yesterday two graduate projects crossed my desk: Katherine Schutte’s thesis about the use of blogging in first-year high school classrooms, and Alison McGaughey’s prospectus for her masters’ examination. One almost done, and one getting started.

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